Righteous & Raunchy

March 20, 2022, 11:30:00 PM

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Comedy and burlesque on a Sunday night?! Our prayers have been answered. Join us as we celebrate our bodies and experiences with laughter.

Looking for burlesque and comedy on a Sunday night? You've died and gone to heaven. Be captivated by our comedians sharing their raunchiest jokes and be titillated by our lovely burlesque dancer!

Burlesque by Dick Jones!

Hosted by Lauren Malara!


Dick Jones

Burlesque By...

Dick Jones

Dick Jones is the chick with the balls to call themselves Dick! Their 3 biggest influences are Iggy Pop, John Waters, and Serial Killers.



Lauren Malara

Lauren Malara

Lauren Malara is a proud New Orleans native. She host the Bear With Me Comedy Open Mic every Monday night. Check out her NPR podcast, Life Raft.

The Lineup