Frequently Asked Questions

All of the answers that we have thought of so far, that aren't already on FilmFreeway.

Covid protocols

Covid protocols tend to be dictated by the venue, and in New Orleans they can change at any time depending on how high or low the rate of positivity is. At the very least, we will encourage both performers and audience members to wear masks while they're indoors, even if it's not enforced by the venue.

Are you looking for volunteers?

Why, yes indeed we are! Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch! Volunteers will received a one-day pass for all of the shows happening on the day that their shift occurs.

What if there are cis men in my show?

Male identifying peoples are welcomed to be included in any Lys Co Fest submissions, however they should also be an integral part of the message of celebrating the female experience and less than half of the total performers.